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We buy land in south carolina

We buy land now! As an independent real estate developer and constructor, we specialize in buying vacant land in attractive growth areas and good school districts. Springdale Development & Construction buys land from people who want to sell. If you are a seller and your land is located in South Carolina, we want to talk to you.

Quick and easy, we make the transaction process smooth for sellers. Please send us your property’s information or get in touch directly with our team.

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We buy land in growth areas

Tell us about the vacant land you want to sell.

We connect with you

 We review the buy-land proposal and get in touch with you to discuss the details.

we close the deal

If we mutually agree, we buy your land directly from you.

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We buy land in growth areas or areas of high growth potential

Based on criteria and attributes we are looking into when we buy land, we typically invest in high-growth areas, areas with high-growth potential, or good school districts. 

As professional real estate investors, we understand how complex and costly the process can be for a land seller.

Therefore, we will make sure you do not pay back taxes owed on the vacant land you want to sell. You do not need a real estate agent. All documents are signed in the presence of a notary.

As experienced land buyers, we strive to make the sale of vacant land easy and hassle-free.

why us to buy land?

We make the process fast and easy. Send the information about your land and your contact details to us, and we will get in touch with you to discuss.

There are no other middlemen involved. We will review your property, and if it meets our criteria, we will send you an offer.

We are a new home builder and community developer. Our purchase intention is real if your land meets the criteria.

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important information to sell your land



 Zoning rules and regulations rule use and development, especially for residential. Get in touch with your township and county. As codes change fast and online information is not necessarily updated, get in touch with your township and zoning board first.


get the dimensions and positioning of your property

Make sure you clarify the size, shape, and specific geographical location of your land. For instance, your land may be landlocked or has road access, etc. These details need to be determined.



If you sell to Springdale Development & Construction, there are no real estate agent fees or commissions if you sell privately on your own. You do not need a real estate agent for the transaction. Our company buys land without any third party involved. Only a notary is necessary for the transaction.

Get in touch now

Unlike most companies, Springdale Development & Construction is interested in raw and undeveloped land. If you are interested in selling your land, unused parcel, or a lot, give us a call for more information. We are not real estate agents, and we will not list your properties online. We buy land outright.

We are dedicated to offering the best experience with our simple and easy transaction process. We focus on the highest quality selling experience possible.

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