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New home construction in pa & sc

Are you interested in new home construction in the most vibrant areas in South Carolina? We develop and build new homes in the most attractive places that your family will love. For years, Springdale Development and Construction have been a new home builder and real estate developer of exquisite homes.

We build new homes that have character and mix elegantly creative design and pure tradition. Without compromising function, beauty and comfort, get a new home that matches your family lifestyle. Connect with us to discuss your new home construction project.

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New home construction by springdale


Spacious, functional, and attractive, our new home constructions make life more enjoyable. We select inviting neighborhoods in great school districts with major employers and booming business areas.

All our projects focus on helping our clients make the best investment possible. Therefore, we select prime locations with convenient access to major metro areas and flourishing economies.


Our team is at your service with a unique personal touch from the initial consultation and on-site walk-throughs to project delivery. Whether you start a new home construction in South Carolina, we will get your future home from the ground up. Unlike most companies, we do not offer semi-customizable floor plans. We will build your future home based on the layout you need. Hence, our houses are never the same.

We can also help design your interior and decorate it. If you just need decoration tips, we can help too. Depending on the vibe you need to create or your style, everything is possible. Ultimately, we can help with an unmatched personalization of your home and make sure that the place you get is enjoyable and works for you.

new house construction is exciting

Building a new home should always remain an exciting moment in a lifetime. Therefore, we strive to make the entire process smooth and enjoyable for you. Our dedicated team focuses on what matters the most; your experience with Springdale Development & Construction and satisfaction.

We build new single-family and multi-family homes with character emulating the creative design and pure tradition for years. Inspired by our rich local heritage, all our new constructions offer a subtle crossroad between inspiration from the past and in-style, contemporary elements. Our creative all our new homes merge function, beauty, and elegance to provide the best value over time.

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Springdale Development & Construction_Ne

our turn-key solution

We collaborate with your family to find the best solutions without compromising design, style, and function. Showcased in many local magazines, we are unmistakably your go-to construction company to create your stylish Havre de Paix.

We can help you from raw construction to the most exclusive interior design and help you select different materials, textures, colors to ensure a high visual impact and impressive comfort. Connect with our team for complimentary discussion to help transform your dream into your new home construction project.

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